Chapter 5 - Abundance

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Our friends overcame their troubles and began preparing for the holidays. For the Bear's Birthday all forest dwellers were invited. The seedlings that the Custodian gave were already decorating the meadows... As tradition dictates, the Lantern and Forest Spirits helped the girl prepare treats. For sweets they went to the Bakery. The most delicious pancakes around, made from vanilla that a certain Pony provided, were stacked high... It was a real feast! With the help of fantasies the friends created a wonderful and warm atmosphere. All the guests gathered at the beautifully decorated garden. It turned out to be a very happy birthday indeed! Tasty treats, fruit, and sweets! 

Coll candy jelly bear
Pancakes with syrup


The Bear was pleasantly surprised and thanked his friends for all the effort that they had gone to in making his birthday so special! It was the most magical birthday he had experienced in his whole life, though that could have been because he loves sweets so very much.

Staying up till late evening, the forest dwellers remembered the old days when on such quiet evenings colorful lanterns would hover in the sky. They would sometimes make a wish and send  them out to fly away or they would burst them to get sweets and other treats.

Red lantern
Blue lantern


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