The Big Purple House is an income structure.


Materials Reward
Big purple house stage1
Stage 1
80 Pine, 3 Tree sap, 3 Iron ore
/32+6+6 Lunar crystal
200 Experience,
1000 Coin
Big purple house stage2
Stage 2
3 Sheet of metal + 3 Blue paint + 3 Strength
/6+6+6 Lunar crystal
300 Experience,
1500 Coin
Big purple house stage3
Stage 3
Hire 3 friends (or Hire a bear 7 Lunar crystal each) 400 Experience,
2000 Coin

Available in dream locations: Main dream, Calm Harbor, Stormy Outpost, Misty Horizons, Rocky Valley, Mysterious city, Polar land, Sweet tooth glade, Hermit Lowland, Caves, Enchanted canyon, Malachite grotto, Dungeon of Arcane crystal, Fiery plain, Candy land, Santa's residence, Snowy field, Wildlife reserve


Quests using the structureEdit