No longer available

The Carnival shop is an event structure.

In-game description: "Look inside the building to see what you can make in it"


Materials Reward
Carnival shop stage1
Stage 1
10 Rope, 4 Glue, 35 Stone 50 Experience,
1000 Coin
Carnival shop stage2
Stage 2
4 Yellow paint, 4 Blue paint, 4 Red paint 100 Experience,
2000 Coin
Carnival shop stage3
Stage 3
5 Boards, 5 Cookies with raisins, 5 Window 150 Experience,
3000 Coin

Available in dream locations:


Item Recipe Time XP Selling
Fired bengal light real carnival
Fired Bengal light (Real carnival item)
3 Fire + 3 Spark + 1 Bengal light 10min 4 Experience 200 Coin
Carnival ticket real carnival
Carnival ticket (Real carnival item)
1h 4 Experience 200 Coin
Cotton candy real carnival
Cotton candy (Real carnival item)
1h 2 Experience 100 Coin
File:Magic rabbit real carnival.png
Magic rabbit (Real carnival item)
1h 30min 5 Experience 300 Coin
File:Magic orb real carnival.png
Magic orb (Real carnival item)
1h 30min 5 Experience 400 Coin
File:Set for fortunetelling real carnival.png
Set for fortunetelling (Real carnival item)
2h 10 Experience 1000 Coin

Quests using the structureEdit