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Here you can find all Collection Items in Dreamfields, updated to February 2015. If there are any collections missing from this list, perhaps from a new update, feel free to add them. In addition, you can write any information you may have underneath a collection image, maybe you have some tips for your fellow dreamers.

Collections are a great way of earning extra income, resources or experience. Items from collections will appear with varying degrees of frequency, depending on which missions you are playing, the resource you are extracting, the most recent update, and the size of the reward for each collection. Updates often come with a new collection, giving you a nice extra challenge.

TOP TIPS for collectors:

  • Collections are a great way to get items in the game, particularly things which take a lot of resources to make.
  • Be sure to add your missing collection items to your wishlist, this will allow your friends to help you out more easily and you will find yourself completing collections much faster.
  • Send collection items to your friends! Friendship is about giving and receiving in Dreamfields. If you help your friends out with their collections, they will be sure to do the same for you.
  • If you hover over a collection item image in Dreamfields, a description will appear, telling you some of the places to find those items.
  • For 120 Lunar Crystals, you can invest in a Pathfinder. This Panda bear will go out in search of any collection item you need. You can either set him to find one specific item at a time or let him search for any two items from one collection. He completes his search every 4 hours, meaning it wont take you too long to find all of those missing collection items.
  • There's no limit to the number of times you can exchange a collection for the reward, so it's not a bad thing to get more than one of the same item.

Arabic Collection:

Arabic 2015-02-12 20-05-48

Arbor Day Collection:

Arborday 2015-02-12 20-12-33

Archeological Collection:

Archeological 2015-02-12 20-15-19

Book Collection:

Book 2015-02-12 20-12-51

Butterflies Collection:

Butterflies 2015-02-12 20-37-08

Candle Collection:

Candle 2015-02-12 20-35-42

Candy Collection:

Candy 2015-02-12 20-45-26

Christmas Collection:

Christmas 2015-02-12 20-07-08

Couturier's Collection:

Couturiers 2015-02-12 20-09-08

Cupid Collection:

Cupid 2015-02-12 20-00-46

Dream Collection:

Dream 2015-02-12 19-53-47

Easter Collection:

Easter 2015-02-12 19-54-18

Eastern Collection:

Eastern 2015-02-12 19-55-03

Egyptian Collection:

Egyptian 2015-02-12 20-06-08

Explosive Collection:

Explosive 2015-02-12 19-57-30

Fall Collection:

Fall 2015-02-12 19-55-28

Film Collection:

Filmbuff 2015-02-12 19-57-49

Flower Collection:

Flower 2015-02-12 20-45-05

Grateful Collection:

Grateful 2015-02-12 19-56-57

Happy Easter Collection:

Happyeaster 2015-02-12 20-04-24

Hermit Collection:

Hermit 2015-02-12 20-13-12

Honey Collection:

Honey 2015-02-12 20-36-07

Ice Collection:

Ice 2015-02-12 20-06-52

Jewelry Collection:

Jewelry 2015-02-12 20-14-33

Landmarks Collection:

Landmarks 2015-02-12 20-06-33

Light Collection:

Light 2015-02-12 19-54-43

Lunar (Moon) Collection:

Lunar 2015-02-12 20-14-13

Master's Collection:

Masters 2015-02-12 20-11-31

Mushroom Collection:

Mushroom 2015-02-12 20-44-40

Musical Collection:

Musical 2015-02-12 20-36-27

Musketeer Collection:

Musketeer 2015-02-12 20-04-01

New Year Collection:

Newyear 2015-02-12 19-58-10

Nightmare Collection:

Nightmare 2015-02-12 19-56-38

Photography Collection:

Photography 2015-02-12 20-05-30

Pillow Collection:

Pillow 2015-02-12 19-51-39

Pirate Collection:

Pirate 2015-02-12 19-56-16

Revelation Collection:

Revelation 2015-02-12 20-05-02

River Collection:

River 2015-02-12 20-36-49

Romantic Collection:

Romantic 2015-02-13 09-10-44

Royal Collection:

Royal 2015-02-12 20-13-49

Sacred Animals Collection:

Sacredanimals 2015-02-12 20-08-31

School Collection:

School 2015-02-12 19-55-55

Sea Collection:

Sea 2015-02-12 20-35-25

Shamanic Collection:

Shamanic 2015-02-12 20-08-09

Shell Collection:

Shell 2015-02-12 19-58-26

Soft Collection:

Soft 2015-02-12 19-53-25

Spring Collection:

Spring 2015-02-12 20-13-29

Student Collection:

Student 2015-02-25 05-08-19

Superstitious Collection:

Superstitious 2015-02-12 20-33-43

Sweet Tooth Collection:

Sweettooth 2015-02-12 20-03-21

Traveler's Collection:

Travelers 2015-02-12 20-11-10

Underground Collection:

Underground 2015-02-12 20-11-52

Wind Collection:

Wind 2015-02-12 20-15-43

Winning Collection:

Winning 2015-02-12 20-04-46

Winter Collection:

Winter 2015-02-12 20-14-57

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