For the larger dream area of the same name containing several dreams, see Caves land.

Caves is a dream location in the Caves.


Area Unlock
open the dream Cave Bear's House:
80000 Coin + 7 Magic herbs + 70 Lantern + 8 Oil + Lv29; or 250 Lunar crystal
Mysterious Dungeon 30 Grape seeds + 5 Compass + 40 Fire + 10 Powder (Inventor's Factory item) + Lv27; or 95 Lunar crystal


Structures present in this dream are:


Caves map

Click to enlarge


Upon building the Cave Bear a new hut, we enter the Caves. The caves add a new currency, Gemstones, and a new creature to collect items within the caves, the Badger. The badger requires Candied Peels to work which can be made once you build the Brazier, and the underground farm to make the Brown sugar ingredient required. Note that all the ingredients for the candied peels do require gemstones to be grown, so you'll want to build a gemstrone mine and collect the gemstones very frequiently.


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