Desert questlineEdit

Quests about and in the Desert.

Desert of thousand miracles questlineEdit

Desert of thousand miracles update logo

The travel into the Desert of thousand miracles
Quests about and in the dream Desert of thousand miracles.

  1. The wind rises!
  2. Arrival
  3. Terrible incident
  4. Together we'll do it!
  5. Marble halls
  6. Wonderful light
  7. Bird's home
  8. Candy bird
  9. Aromatic lure
  10. Preparing nectar
  11. Without any nail
  12. Sad loss
  13. Majestic palace
  14. Generous gifts
  15. Precious amber
  16. Royal delicacy

Sultan's sweets questlineEdit

Sultans sweets update logo

Quests from Update: Sultans sweets.

Illus monkey ramsy
Monkey Ramsy: Eastern hospitality
The joy of the Sultan overleap all bounds! He enjoys his dessert and already has promised to make a feast of feasts, but I think a bit latter. And now I propose you to relax and make a stay at your leisure. Relax, look around and treat this house as your own, feel free. I hope you'll enjoy being here!

  1. Contentment and prosperity
  2. Treat for the helpers
  3. Getting amber
  4. Pigeon's milk
  5. Eastern sweets
  6. Marvellous trees
  7. Friends and water are priceless
  8. Cola
  9. Sultan's dreams
  10. Liquorice
  11. Favorite royal sweetness
  12. Cultural exchange
  13. There are so many sweets around!
  14. The hot midday
  15. Eastern flavour

The Best Friend questlineEdit

The best friend update logo

Quests from Update: The Best Friend.

  1. Dog is man's best friend
  2. Four legged friend
  3. Tasty food for pet
  4. Moist steak
  5. Spicy Kebab
  6. Not just a sandwich, but Hamburger!
  7. Chief cook's cares
  8. Critical moment
  9. Bread is the stuff of life (in-game: Bread is the staff of life)
  10. Pies that fit every taste
  11. Formula for success
  12. Creamy happiness
  13. Special dessert
  14. Chocolate topping
  15. Good mood
  16. More sweets

Mexican questlineEdit

Mexican update logo

Quests from Update: Mexican.

Dip into Mexican atmosphere in your Dream

  1. It's too hot there!
  2. Special potions
  3. In order to attract the luck
  4. Look! Cactuses!
  5. Sweets
  6. This Cave is so weird
  7. New recipes
  8. Traditional kitchen
  9. Exotic cloths
  10. Even more sweets!
  11. Sweet entertainment

Special 3 day time limited quest

Eastern flavour questlineEdit

Eastern flavour update logo

Quests from Update: Eastern flavour

Illus monkey ramsy
Monkey Ramsy: Fairy's Minaret
It is hard to image our lands without slender towers and high minarets. Some of them are not only complete the architectural ensemble of the eastern cities but also they are very useful because we can create there a lot of things that are needed.

  1. Invisible helpers
  2. The coloring of the fabric
  3. Magic dust
  4. The stars from the sky
  5. It is decided!
  6. It is better to keep alert
  7. Long-awaited Oasis
  8. Oasis in the another's dream.
  9. The ships of the desert
  10. Camel thorn
  11. Against the heat and the wind
  12. It helps to remember!
  13. Goods from the caravan
  14. Values from the stone
  15. Jewelry for sale
  16. Northern wonder

Land of the golden sands questlineEdit

Land of the golden sands update logo

Quests from Update: Land of the golden sands

Illus monkey ramsy

Monkey Ramsy: We will wait for a while
It seems to me, we are almost ready to the passage in the far lands. The only one thing left is to wait till the caravan pass near by and we will join them.

  1. To the long journey
  2. The drink for the travel
  3. On the eve of a journey
  4. It is time to go into a journey!
  5. The letter on the papyrus
  6. In the Land of the golden sands
  7. Successful trade
  8. The goods for trade
  9. Undeveloped area
  10. Golden nectar
  11. The garden between the sands
  12. Friends are friends
  13. The trade with a friends
  14. It is time to replenish your supplies
  15. Everyday troubles
  16. Weaving

The gods of the ancient world questlineEdit

The gods of the ancient world update logo

Quests from Update: The gods of the ancient world

Illus monkey ramsy

Monkey Ramsy: The temples among sands
The land of golden sands is famous for its temples. And now we offer you the chance to join us to build one of them.

  1. Sacred hearth
  2. The goddess's cat
  3. Desert resources
  4. Wisdom and secret knowledge
  5. Monolith fish
  6. A touch of magic
  7. Never-aging beauty
  8. Explosive supply
  9. The stone from the far caves
  10. Lazurite relief
  11. Majestic pyramid
  12. The decoration around
  13. Sweet life (previously Dolce vita)
  14. Trade

Old traditions questlineEdit

Old traditions update logo

Quests from Update: Old traditions

Illus monkey ramsy

Monkey Ramsy: The Buildings of antiquities
Our lands is used to call The Land of Pyramids. Perhaps, it is time to renew the tradition of ancient constructions and build the Pyramid.

  1. Clear the space
  2. Hammers and mauls
  3. Four legged helper
  4. Stone and dust
  5. Pyramids
  6. Odorant myrrh
  7. Volatile essence
  8. Aroma of the harmony
  9. Perfume magnificence
  10. Marvelous perfumes
  11. Aromatic trade

Palace of Pharaohs questlineEdit

Palace of pharaohs update logo

Quests from Update: Palace of Pharaohs

  1. In accordance with tradition
  2. Like in the ancientry
  3. Stone
  4. Balsam for the keeping of strength
  5. Mysterious spell
  6. The key for the Royal doors
  7. Palace of Pharaohs
  8. Sun color
  9. Amber treasure
  10. Beryl green
  11. Treasure from beryl
  12. Turquoise of the heavens
  13. Azure stars
  14. Wonderful colouring
  15. More valuable then gold