Fantasy ( Fantasy) is the energy that allows the player to act. This involves collecting coin and item products from structures, planting, cutting resources, and other things.

Fantasy is also used to make creatures out of the living fantasy.

During visits to friends, the player is allotted five fantasy points for interactions per day. Guest fantasy is additional fantasy that can be used freely in friends' dreams, and is stored.

Both Fantasy and Guest Fantasy can be purchased in the in-game shop for Lunar crystals.

Icon Quantity Description Cost
+5 fantasy 5 5 units of Fantasy 2 Lunar crystal
+15 fantasy 15 15 units of Fantasy 5 Lunar crystal
+45 fantasy 45 45 units of Fantasy 14 Lunar crystal
+100 fantasy 100 100 units of Fantasy (+25 bonus) 25 Lunar crystal
+3 guest fantasy 3 3 units of Guest fantasy 1 Lunar crystal
+10 guest fantasy 10 10 units of Guest fantasy 3 Lunar crystal
+20 guest fantasy 20 20 units of Guest fantasy 5 Lunar crystal