The Gingerbread house is a structure. It provides income. There is a construction limit of 3 Gingerbread houses.

In-game description: "Choose which of the possible bonuses you want to get in exchange for the Magic scroll. You can only select the bonus once. Upgrade the building to increase your bonus and spend fewer scrolls! Selection of bonuses for this building may be expanded in the future."


Materials Reward
Gingerbread house 2018 stage1
Stage 1
5 Citrus juice, 5 Spice cakes, 5 Stencil for a house
/65+80+35 Lunar crystal
1000 Experience,
500 Coin
Gingerbread house 2018 stage2
Stage 2
6 Dragee, 6 Roof for a house, 6 Wall for a house
/Not purchasable
1500 Experience,
1000 Coin
Gingerbread house 2018 stage3
Stage 3
8 Gingerbread house (Sweet-shop item), 8 Chocolate fudge, 8 Candied fruits
/Not purchasable
3000 Experience,
1500 Coin

Available in dream locations:


Quests using the structureEdit