The Lantern factory is a production structure. It crafts flying lanterns.

In-game Description: "Creates any kind of flying lantern. Ready made lanterns will fly out of the building. Make sure you save your fantasies to pop them, otherwise they will float away with all those treasures!"


Materials Reward
Lantern factory stage1
Stage 1
6 Boards, 6 Hammer, 150 Brushwood
/12+12+45 Lunar crystal
250 Experience,
5000 Coin
Lantern factory stage2
Stage 2
3 Tile, 4 Glass, 5 Bundle of straw
/6+8+5 Lunar crystal
400 Experience,
10000 Coin
Lantern factory stage3
Stage 3
3 Doorknob (Smithy item), 3 Paper, 5 Red paint
/6+9+10 Lunar crystal
500 Experience,
15000 Coin

Available in dream locations:


Item Recipe Time XP Selling
Regular lantern
Regular lantern x5
2 Fire + 3 Magic 40min ? Experience Not sellable
Blue lantern
Blue lantern x 4
2 Fire + 1 Blue paint + 2 Paper 1hr ? Experience Not sellable
Red lantern
Red lantern x 4
2 Fire + 1 Red paint + 2 Paper 1hr ? Experience Not sellable
Balloons circus
Balloons (Circus item)
5 Magic + 3 Kite + 5 Sunrays 30m ? Experience ? Coin


Lanterns are always a solid, regular source of income for any Dreamer. This building will churn them out in different colours (Red and Blue Lanterns normally hold bigger rewards). Just make sure you click them in time!

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