The Lighthouse is a structure in Stormy Outpost. It opens the way to the dream Rocky Valley.

In-game description: "Complete the lighthouse to continue the journey"


Materials Reward
Lighthouse stage1
Stage 1
6 Clay, 8 Message, 10 Marble
/12+16+30 Lunar crystal
300 Experience,
2000 Coin
Lighthouse stage2
Stage 2
3 Wire, 4 Needle, 90 Boat wreckage
/12+8+270 Lunar crystal
400 Experience,
3000 Coin
Lighthouse stage3
Stage 3
4 Shine, 35 Boat wreckage, 42 Seaweed
/12+105+21 Lunar crystal
500 Experience,
4000 Coin
Lighthouse stage4
Stage 4
25 Can of fireflies, 4 Red paint, 2 Window
/16+8+4 Lunar crystal
600 Experience,
5000 Coin

Available in dream locations: Stormy Outpost


It opens the way to the dream Rocky Valley.

Quests using the structureEdit


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