This structure is no longer available.

The Presents bag is a structure.

In-game description: "Fill the Presents bag with the help of presents from friends."


Materials Reward
Stage 1 7 Bundle of hay, 15 Ice, 12 Bells 75 Experience,
1500 Coin
Stage 2 3 Chalk, 3 Muesli, 4 Holiday parcel 100 Experience,
2200 Coin
Stage 3 4 Postage stamp, 4 Northern light, 5 Red paint 150 Experience,
3500 Coin

Available in dream locations: No longer available


  • Filling stages (presents add up):
    • Level 0/3: 0-19 presents
    • Level 1/3: at 20 presents
    • Level 2/3: at 40 presents
    • Level 3/3: at 60 presents


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