The Sand castle is an income structure. It provides income.

In-game description: "Gives Grain of time, Experience, Coins and the chance to find Magic water."


Materials Reward
Sand castle stage1
Stage 1
5 Magic water, 30 Magic fruits, 5 Grain of time
/10+60+10 Lunar crystal
500 Experience,
1000 Coin
Sand castle stage2
Stage 2
4 Magic sand, 30 Coconut, 6 Fruit mix
/8+60+12 Lunar crystal
750 Experience,
2000 Coin
Sand castle stage3
Stage 3
1 Book of Kingdom stories, 10 Magic sweet, 7 Summer cocktail
/4+20+14 Lunar crystal
1000 Experience,
3000 Coin

Available in dream locations:


Gives Grain of time, 25 Experience Experience, 1000 coins Coin, and sometimes Magic water with a 12 hour to bonus time.

Quests using the structureEdit


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