Stormy Outpost is a dream location in the Valley of Watery Mists.

Upon arrival in the stormy outpost, you will be given the task of building a bridge to the lighthouse. In the stormy outpost, you will be required to complete a series of structures which are needed to help you navigate around the islands until you eventually reach the lighthouse. On each island you will find different resources which will help you along the way but do not forget that you will also require assistance from the beavers. Once you have worked your way around the outpost and to the lighthouse, you will be able to go ahead and explore the rest of The Valley Of Watery Mists


Area Unlock
open the dream Wanderer's Hut:
2 Compass + 1 White Pearl + 3 Part of a map + 1 Longevity potion + Lv30
Forgotten bay 2 Wire + 5 Luck + 10 Lantern; or 45 Lunar crystal
Wood of fireflies 1 The Dock + 12 Luck + 2 Fruit salad; or 40 Lunar crystal
requires Forgotten bay unlocked
Island of hope 15 Luck + 3 Shine + 4 Marble; or 60 Lunar crystal
requires Forgotten bay unlocked
Shallow waters 3 Mushroom cake + 15 Boat wreckage + 2 Hot chocolate; or 35 Lunar crystal
requires Forgotten bay unlocked


Structures present in this dream are:


Stormy outpost
Stormy Outpost 2


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