Structures in the game can be distinguished into Production, Income, and Decoration.

Production structuresEdit

see also Category:Production structures

Basic structures:

Valley of Watery Mists structures:

Polar lands structures:

Caves structures:

Desert structures:

Underwater world structures:

Mystic castle structures:

Tropics structures:

Helper structuresEdit

These structures provide the player with assistance; e.g. they enable bulk productions or collect items or income automatically.

Worker structuresEdit

These structures are for workers to labor in, to collect resources. See Category:Worker structures.

Travel structuresEdit

These structures enable travel, i.e. they open dream regions, dream locations, or dream areas. See Category:Travel structures.

Fill-with-items structuresEdit

These structures are built, and then filled with items by a player's friends. Leveling up their stages gives rewards, and (universal or not?) at the end they are turned into a simple nonfunctional decoration; the final reward can/?does include a functional decoration.

Event structuresEdit

These structures are part of events, often temporary and nonfunctional after the event. See Category:Event structures.

Misc/Unsorted structuresEdit

Income structuresEdit

see also Category:Income structures

Trade structuresEdit

These structures are traders. See Category:Trade structures.

Roulette/Chance structures Edit

Decoration structuresEdit

see also Category:Decorations


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