The Farm is a production structure. It creates various item with the use of jam.

In-game description: "On the Farm you can grow and make many useful ingredients."


Materials Reward
The farm stage1
Stage 1
25 Tree, 2 Rope, 20 Stone
/16+4+13 Lunar crystal
50 Experience,
500 Coin
The farm stage2
Stage 2
3 Fire, 35 Needle branch, 2 Strength
/3+19+4 Lunar crystal
50 Experience,
500 Coin
The farm stage3
Stage 3
8 Magic, 2 Hammer, 2 Treesap
/8+4+4 Lunar crystal
100 Experience,
500 Coin

Available in dream locations:


Item Recipe Time XP Selling
3 Rye as 195 Coin + 4 Spoon of jam 15min 3 Experience 250 Coin
Onion peels
Onion peels
3 Onions as 240 Coin + 6 Spoon of jam 1h 3 Experience 295 Coin
Grape seeds
Grape seeds
3 Grapes as 330 Coin + 6 Spoon of jam 3h 5 Experience 330 Coin
Tomato paste
Tomato paste
3 Tomatoes as 660 Coin + 6 Spoon of jam 8h 3 Experience 760 Coin

Quests using the structureEdit


Although the recipes show a plant as one of the ingredients, what actually is taken is the coin cost of that plant.

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