Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Wanderer's hut 1 Buy the Wanderer building. 8 Lunar crystal
Wanderer's hut 1 Complete the Wanderer building. 9 Lunar crystal

Quest completion descriptionEdit

Illus forest spirit
Forest Spirit: Wanderer's Hut.
It's time to build a house for our guest. Save up the rare resources you will get as a reward.
Illus wanderer
Wanderer: Welcome!
Back in the day I created such worlds that would be hard to even imagine. I travelled many dreams, have seen many magical places and have came to take you with me to see new dreams. Our main mission will be to visit the mysterious city.
Illus forest spirit
Forest Spirit: The road is calling!
Great work! Now is just the time to employ the services of the Wanderer and take off on your first journey. The bear will look after your estate in the mean time. Bon voyage!


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