The Trade Shop is a structure.

There is a construction limit of 1 Trade Shop.

In-game description: "Sell materials in Trade shop and receive a lot of Coins and experience"


Materials Reward
Trade shop stage1
Stage 1
4 Sawdust, 7 Rope, 4 Yellow paint
/8+14+12 Lunar crystal
50 Experience,
200 Coin
Trade shop stage2
Stage 2
4 Hammer, 15 Wind, 5 Spark
/8+30+5 Lunar crystal
50 Experience,
500 Coin
Trade shop stage3
Stage 3
2 Nails, 3 Tile, 4 Ruby
/6+6+8 Lunar crystal
100 Experience,
1000 Coin

Available in dream locations: Main dream, Land of the golden sands


The trade shop has two trading categories. Offers and prices in them change.

Coins: The player can sell things from their stock to the game for coins and XP.

Diamonds: The player can buy things (both items and decorations) from the game for Diamonds.

Quests using the structureEdit


To refuse an offer, and trigger the generation of a new one, click the red cross in the top right of the offer image.

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