Valley of Watery Mists questlinesEdit

Quests about and in the Valley of Watery Mists.

Distant Shores questlineEdit

Distant shores update logo

Quests about and in the dreams Misty Horizons and Calm Harbor.

Quests from Update: Distant Shores.

Illus lantern spirit

Lantern Spirit: The wind of change
The wind of change has blown from the eastern valleys. The wise spirit is flying to your dream and brings news with him.

Illus forest spirit

Forest Spirit: Wonderer
You have a rare visitor - the mysterious stranger from the East, they call him the "Wanderer". According to the old sayings, whoever he visits is in for a surprise. Why don't you find out what he wants.

  1. Workshop works
  2. Domestication
  3. The Wanderer's Hut.
  4. The first trip
  5. Spring formation
  6. Fishing lure
  7. Healing Spring
  8. Fish works
  9. He who eats not, works not.
  10. Wet resources
  11. Workshop works (Quest 2)
  12. Feed
  13. The Crossing
  14. An heavy trade
  15. Handybear
  16. Burrow
  17. Alchemist
  18. Walking tall
  19. Values
  20. Stock supplies
  21. Magical properties
  22. The Tree of Journeys
  23. In Calm Harbor
  24. Seafarer's code
  25. Incredible flowers
  26. For the Shipyard
  27. The Shipyard
  28. Textile Mill
  29. Jack of all trades
  30. Master of the seas
  31. Not a hoarder, but farsighted
  32. Have a snack for the road
  33. A guard for your friend
  34. White Pearl

Stormy Outpost questlineEdit

Stormy outpost update logo

Quests about and in the dream Stormy Outpost.

Quests from Update: Stormy Outpost.

  1. Stormy Outpost
  2. Craftsman's Hut
  3. Nessie
  4. Luck
  5. Work done, have your fun.
  6. Workpiece
  7. Gifted hands
  8. Wooden bridge
  9. Friend, dear friend
  10. Sea business
  11. The Dock
  12. Fireflies
  13. A standard exchange
  14. Guest fantasy
  15. Lighthouse

Rocky Valley questlineEdit

Rocky valley update logo

Quests about and in the dream Rocky Valley.

Quests from Update: Rocky Valley.

Illus forest spirit
Forest Spirit: Helping hand
The newly repaired light of the Lighthouse has caught the attention of travellers who will help us conquer Stormy Outpost.
  1. Rocky Valley
  2. Fire and Stone
  3. Stonecrafter's House
  4. Bridge
  5. Stone hunt
  6. Stone processing
  7. A magical connection
  8. Ancient runes
  9. Archeological collection
  10. Altar

Mysterious city questlineEdit

Mysterious city update logo

Quests about and in the dream Mysterious city.

Quests from Update: Mysterious city.

  1. Mysterious city
  2. Rocky sign
  3. Turtle
  4. Papyrus
  5. Oldish exchange
  6. Oldish atmosphire
  7. Treasure
  8. Temple
  9. Wisdom

Castle questlineEdit

Castle update logo

Quests from Update: Castle.
Previously known as Forgotten Kingdom questline.

Illus wanderer
Wanderer: New twists of fate They say about lost kingdom now and then. Who knows what mysteries it hides? It's time for us to learn it!
  1. New horizons
  2. Summer treats
  3. Magic can help
  4. Friends help
  5. Meet new adventures!
  6. Gifts for Kingdom
  7. Ruins!
  8. Stone blocks
  9. Magic sources
  10. Kingdom treasures
  11. Royal belongings

Magical meadow questlineEdit

Magical meadow update logo

Quests from Update: Magical meadow.

Illus wanderer

Wanderer: Return
During our journey across the Valley of watery mists I have seen a beautiful Nymph. I would like to return and see her again.

  1. Thoughtful wandering
  2. Special place
  3. Secret ingredient
  4. Sweet gift
  5. Rest in the meadow
  6. Inspired mood
  7. The elements of the bouquet
  8. The art of composition
  9. How to overcome indecision?
  10. A tale about feelings
  11. Symbols of love
  12. Everything is ready
  13. The language of poetry
  14. In the search of ideas
  15. What can't be visible
  16. A farewell gift

Wildlife reserve Edit

Dream icon wildlife reserve

Quests about and in the dream Wildlife reserve.

Zoo questline Edit

Zoo update logo

Quests from Update: Zoo.

  1. One more dream?
  2. Zoo
  3. More difficult than it seems
  4. What do animals eat?
  5. Favourable conditions
  6. Let's start!
  7. Animals are bored!
  8. Zoo without animals?

Stylish questline Edit

Stylish update logo

Quests from Update: Stylish.

  1. Hairdressing salon
  2. Almost ready!
  3. First client
  4. Client is always right!
  5. You are after Llama!
  6. Special style
  7. Spotted fashion
  8. Stripes are always in fashion

Atlantis Edit

Dream icon atlantis

Quests about and in the dream Atlantis.

Way to Atlantis questlineEdit

Way to atlantis update logo

Quests from Update: Way to Atlantis.

Illus wanderer
Wanderer: Something new
News got about that a lot of fish appeared in Valley of Watery Mists. What does it mean? Why don't the fish want to stay underwater? Is it too crowded there?

  1. Rapid decision
  2. Let's go fishing!
  3. Above the water!
  4. Fishing is an important hobby
  5. Until it's too late!
  6. Sea treasures
  7. Higher and higher
  8. Lost decorations
  9. The last efforts
  10. One more tower?

Treasures of Atlantis questlineEdit

Treasures of atlantis update logo

Quests from Update: Treasures of Atlantis.

Illus custodian
Custodian: Underwater god
Even more different buildings have surfaced recently. That means that ancient Atlantis is coming back!

WARNING: Completing the Pistachios quest starts the Quick! special quest which has only 2 Days to complete!

  1. Poseidon statue!
  2. Former glory
  3. Pistachios
  4. Visit a friend
  5. Special tools
  6. Where should we search?
  7. Small parts!

Special 2 day time limited quest

Atlantis questlineEdit

Atlantis update logo

Quests from Update: Atlantis.

Illus cub
Cub: Found!
We've finally found the mysterious Atlantis, full of secrets and teeming treasures! Go there right now and reveal all the mysteries of the great empire!

WARNING: Visiting Atlantis and completing the Submerging! quest starts the The faster, the better! special quest which has only 30 Days to complete!

  1. Submerging!
  2. Get to it! previously called Let's start!
  3. Massive walls!
  4. First things first
  5. Not so easy!

Special 30 day time limited quest