Chapter 7 - Wanderer (Part 1)

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Dream illus main dream

The day went by... The girl's dream became something unbreakable and eternal. Every day it would shine stronger and become more and more beautiful. The Bunnies were visiting the girl every morning an the Bears continued to play under the sun and feast on raspberry jam. The wonderful singing of birds could be heard every day in the garden! But one day she woke up in her dream and could no longer hear the singing of birds, the rabbits did not visit her, and the sun hid behind the small clouds.

The Owl was the first to tell the girl about what happened. The Wind of Change blew from the eastern valleys! The Wanderer had arrived in her dream!

On that day the Wanderer came in to the dream. Yes, that's what they call him. He was a mysterious stranger from the east. Legend has it, fate will prepare a surprise for the person whos dream the Wanderer visits. The girl was not afraid of this stranger and offered him a place in her garden. They started talking and the Wanderer told her about himself:

“There was a time when I was creating such worlds that are hard to even imagine. I traveled to a lot of dreams, have seen a lot of fabulous places and came to take you with me toward new dreams. I could use a companion with such an imagination like yours. Our main goal will be to visit the enigmatic city, which is located on the outer islands.

Upon hearing this, the girl could not hide her joy! How long has she dreamed of visiting the islands, of seeing the seas and the oceans. She knew that this day would come, and now it was here! After taking a rest, the Wanderer, having nothing to spare but his stories, went on with the girl for her first journey. To get ready, they collected the necessary materials and supplies of food, and said goodbye to the forest dwellers, who promised to look after the garden in the mean time.

The Wanderer showed his first trump card - a map with the a whole new world on it. He pointed to the nearest island and said that their trip will start from there. The girl just nodded happily without interrupting the Wanderer. She listened attentively to him, fascinated with his stories... At night, resting after a long journey, she dreamed that one day she would have seen it all as well and she will share the stories with her forest friends.

Dream illus valley of watery mists

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