Chapter 4 - The Wind of Change

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Coll wind feather

It seemed like there were no signs of unpleasant change, everyone was happy and all was well with the world, however that kind of mood rarely lasts forever!

The Bear told the girl that strange things were happening in the woods. Strong winds were blowing and the Lantern Spirit disappeared! Everybody knew they needed to see the Custodian! Only he could tame the winds, much to their horror however, The Custodian would not be fit to tame any winds; he had falled into a very deep sleep... What were they to do? 


Fortunately the Bear remembered the existance of the Flying Squirrel, who knows more than a few things about the winds. Of course, she was happy to help her friends curb the

winds and bring back the Lantern Spirit. To awake the Custodian from his deep sleep they prepared a Coffee Elixir which awoke him almost right away. The Custodian thanked his friends and took care of the winds. 

He also gave the girl a few wonderful seedlings... Just like that, after overcoming yet more hardships, the friends had brought back peace and joy to their dream!

Illus bear bees

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