Workers perform various functions in the player's dream lands, occupying and working in various structures, making items, and others. There are different kinds of workers in different locations, each of which consumes its own kinds of worker food items.


Bears in the Main dream eat jam, from jam jars etc. They are workers.

Polar bears in the Polar magic eat Peanut butter, creating Northern light.

Beavers eat fish. They collect water-located resources in the Beaver's Hut.

Badgers eat candied peels.

Octopuses eat caviar.

Snowmen eat cranberries.

Hummingbirds eat nectar.

Ghosts consume Magic (worker food); they are in Mystic castle.

Armadillos consume Eucalyptus jam; they are in Tropics.

Weasel consume items from Tropical hut; they help in Tropical river.

Eagle-owl consume Food for Eagle-owls; they are in Mountains


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